Xorotexniki ATE - Construction company



The company, with its current legal form and under the name XOROTEXNIKI SA, was founded in 1998. Since then, it is registered in the Anonymous Companies Register of the Prefecture of Athens under No. 49848/01NT/B/01/215.
The main activities of the company include: 
· The construction of any kind of project in private or public sector, both in Greece and abroad, including the relevant design if required. 
· The exploitation and use of property. 
· The participation in any kind of industrial, shipping and hotel businesses. 

XOROTEXNIKI SA, since it was founded, set the following terms and conditions, in order to achieve the goals and objectives: 
· The quality, the cost of construction and the completion time are not necessary sizes inversely proportional, but instead they must coexist. 
· The effort of development, the improving of quality, the configuration for safe working conditions, the use of advanced equipment as well as the expertise in the construction procedure must be continuous. 
· The successful completion of a project creates a feeling of satisfaction to the company and its staff. This feeling of satisfaction should never be considered less important than the economic effect of the project. 
· The successful completion of a project can be ensured only by the harmonious cooperation of all parts involved such as owner, designers, contractors, suppliers subcontractors etc. 
· The consistency in project implementation, as well as the quality of construction, leading to long term benefits that always outweigh the short term. 

The strict application of these fundamental principles in the last five years, on the part of the Company and their recognition by the customer side, led XOROTEXNIKI SA on top among construction companies in Greece and also laid the foundations for growth beyond the borders of our country.Besides, the company is one of the few companies in Greece holding certification according to the ISO 9001:2008 

The company deals with the construction of private projects, mainly Building - Structural, Electromechanical and Industrial - Energy as well as with projects that require special expertise, such as: 
· Telecommunication Projects 
· Infrastructure Projects 
· Port Construction Projects 

It also deals with Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT) projects, as well as the real estate development. 
XOROTEXNIKI SA has already built significantly high and specialized technology projects for the Greek Army and Air Force, the Ministry of Culture, the Greek Organization of Telecommunications (OTE), Municipalities, Prefectures etc. In 2001 a company's project was selected by the Institute of Architecture and was included in a list of the ten best design and construction public projects, recognizing in that way the rapid growth of the company and the high quality services that offers. 
Among the first Greek Construction Companies who embraced the principles of Total Quality. XOROTEXNIKI SA is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Engineers - Contractors of Public Works (PEDMEDE), the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Athens (ΕΒΕΑ) and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE). 
The business environment in which the company operates characterized by positive outlook, while the Company has the necessary organization to define a proper strategy and exploit the opportunities presented. 

The company's objectives are: 
· Further strengthening its position in the domestic construction market with main supplies the excellent workmanship and full compliance with the delivery schedules that in the private sector are particularly important. 
· The development in foreign markets. 

As part of the strategic planning for the future development of the company, the administrators of XOROTEXNIKI SA are seeking for: 
· Cooperation with renowned Greek construction companies as well as specialized foreign companies with main objective the participation in large development projects. 
· Participation in the construction and operation of power plants from renewable energy sources. 
· Participation in BOT projects. 
· Participation in the construction and operation of port facilities that promote tourism. 
· Further participation in high-tech projects with emphasis on telecommunication projects and IT infrastructure. Note that the company already operates successfully in this sector having extensive experience, expertise and the necessary equipment to handle this kind of special projects.


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